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Founded by Onward Luxury Group and headed up by Footwear Designer Raphael Young (whose portfolio includes Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Off-White), F_WD is a street-inspired, sustainable sneaker brand that seeks to “awaken people’s minds to a new era of fashion”.

F_WD - trainers    / styled with vintage items

F_WD - trainers / styled with vintage items

Made in: Factories in Italy, Romania and Indonesia, where workers are paid a fair-living wage.
Made from: Vegan leather and recycled materials – the laces and eyelets are made from recycled fishing nets.

Fun fact: Raphael takes a hybrid approach to design, combining athletic, outdoor, street-culture, workwear, military and space-age influences.

“I’m always projecting my designs into what people will wear in the future, if we are able to face and fight the ecological issues of today.” - Raphael Young, Creative Director of F_WD

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