Recycled and recyclable, the (desirable) future of F_WD and Onward Luxury Group shoes

A streetwear that proclaims itself as a responsible fashionista towards the planet: it is the project launched by the group together with Raphael Young that aims to promote sustainability through sneakers and clothes that look ahead.


Can a conscience pass for shoes ? This is what Raphael Young thinks , chosen by Onward Luxury Group as a designer of F_WD , a line of footwear that will be soon added to clothing items, conceived and produced in a sustainable manner . Vegan materials, first of all, recycled, but above all recyclable. The new frontier, in fact, is to create entirely biodegradable models , even if for now the goal is still far away, especially due to the lack of suppliers in this sense.

Research is our lifeblood" explains Fabio Ducci , CEO of the group that produces and distributes some of the most important luxury footwear brands such as Jil Sander and Joseph as owner and Rochas, Mulberry, Proenza Schouler, Nina Ricci and See by Chloé as a licensee, "the greatest difficulty is finding who can procure the right raw materials at the right price". In addition to natural rubber , the plant conce  nontoxic also all the constituent elements must be studied in optical green, for example with the loops made from scraps of fishing nets or the soles derived from PET bottles .


The name of the shoe line, to which T-shirts, backpacks and baby carriers will also be added, is deliberately a hymn to look ahead (forward in English ed), so that the logos become lettering-manifest like Gone action or Be part of the solution. «My ideas take the form of figurative messages, they are not marketing as an end in itself as is often seen. Ours is a mission to really make the world less polluted , offering products that are at the same time also beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. »Explains the Korean designer.

A hybrid that satisfies all the parties involved, focused on deliberately unisex proposals that mix streetwear, military and sports. The price range ranges from € 250 to € 350, but "the goal is to move the pricing bar lower so that everyone can get closer to the project."

Richard FosmoenComment