F_WD launches in Russia

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In 2019, designer Rafael Young, who previously headed the Off-White shoe line, founded his own brand F_WD. Young’s new project was inspired by a desire for change in the fashion industry, whose manufacturing facilities are damaging the environment.

In F_WD, Rafael completely abandoned toxic materials, replacing them with innovative ones, from recycled oceanic debris and biodegradable plastic. In Young's concept, a serious approach to ecology coexists with a utilitarian design in the style of modern street fashion. Massive sneakers, ankle boots with an elastic band, high lace-up boots and rubber boots adorn elements typical of chemical protection suits, and prints-calls for conscious consumption (“Be Part of the Solution”, “Reduce”, “Recycle”, “React” ", #Respectourplanet).

The global goal of the F_WD project was the recycling of all plastic found in the oceans today for its collections. Along with plastic, genuine leather and eco-friendly textiles are used to create shoes.

Richard FosmoenComment