F_WD Official Launch - Milan Fashion Week

Scenic lights and sound experience transports Milan’s Via Sant’Andrea into F_WD’s vision of a brighter future

Last night, F_WD creative director, Raphael Young immersed Milan’s Via Sant’Andrea and his guests into his creative vision to present the brand’s latest creations.

Nestled in OLG’s IRIS store transformed for the occasion, vivid and colourful graphic lighting surrounded by metallic minimal futuristic beats, revealing “F_WD sound experience”, gave life to the brand’s DNA. Like a living moodboard, the concept of F_WD light and sound installation was an invitation to feel and live the energy of SS20 collection. Futuristic lines and hybrid designs showcasing figurative messages on the need to act for our environment, are the essence of the collection showcased in its natural environment: A world situated between Luc Besson 5th Element and the beauty of a planet earth we need to protect and fight for.

“F_WD is a vision of life, a perspective on our future and a call to awake consciousness and take action to save and preserve our planet. I wanted our F_WD guests to experience this state of mind through the energy of graphic elements and sound experience that drive the very conception of the brand’s soul and essence. Through the light and sound installation, I have imagined, I wanted to transport people’s senses to an ecstatic cleaner world where recycling and care for the environment are at the heart of each and everyone’s heart and consciousness.” Said Raphael Young

F_WD guests renamed the “forwarders” as part of the brand community were able to discover men and women Spring/Summer20 collections while testing premium French vegan vodka, Guillotine, our exclusive partner on this event, for the first time in Italy.

F_WD water packed in recyclable Tetra Brik carton was also served to the forwarders as part of a plastic free and sustainable environment.

F_WD pop up installation will be open to the public until October 5th.

Address: Via Sant’Andrea, 10/A, 20121 Milan.

For more information and inquiry please contact: info@fwd-react.com.

Richard FosmoenComment