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BEHIND THE LIFESTYLE CONCEPT OF disruptive recycled hybridized design

F_WD is the next generation’s hyphen culture brand, committed for a better future.

F_WD was born from designer Raphael Young’s vision to create the ultimate, eco-responsible and positively activist streetwear label, and OLG desire to commit and invest into a greener and brighter future for the fashion industry.

Progress towards a sustainable world can be made only if the society feels involved in this fight. We want our designs to appeal to the emotional core of the matter.”

Raphael Young, F_WD Creative Director

F_WD aesthetic and creative process takes inspiration in hybridization of styles from streetwear to futuristic urban outdoor.

Aiming to raise awareness and take part in the fight against plastic pollution, F_WD strives to create iconic items using recycled, biodegradable, vegan and environmentally friendly materials.